Biking Pinedale

Pinedale looks like a great place for biking, what’s available?

GO SPOKES! Bike Share Program
Pinedale recently rolled out the first paid bike share program in Wyoming last June 2017, and maybe one of the first rural bike share programs from what we can tell. It consists of 13 bikes spread between 5 stations located at the Hampton Inn, Wind River Brewing Company, Sublette County Visitor’s Center, Pinedale Aquatic Center and Lakeside Lodge. You do have to download an app called MOVATIC in order to rent a bike, as rental kiosks are not available. Bikes rent for 10 cents a minute ($6/hour) and can be rented or returned to any location. They are one size fits all comfort bikes, with bells! Bikes are available from about May to October. Rental proceeds benefit Main Street Pinedale, the local non-profit charged with improving downtown. These are awesome for a hour long activity, running errands, riding Pinedale’s many bike paths spidering out from downtown, or riding up to Fremont Lake skinny dipping, and having a beer on the deck at Lakeside Lodge. For more info visit here.BikeProof1

Mountain Biking

Although Pinedale looks like an awesome place for mountain biking, it really hasn’t taken off like other places. Maybe because almost all of Pinedale’s existing trails head straight into designated Wilderness where they are not allowed. Quite awhile ago, I attempted to start a mountain bike club to see who wanted to ride and share trail info. We met weekly as the Pinedale Bike Riders (PBR haha) and would go ride what we could find, there was a varying group of about 5 people. The club kind of petered out, then was taken over by an ambitious individual that did some trail maintenance, and some holdovers from the previous year changed the name to the Sublette County Freeride Coalition and produced a trail map which is available locally at the Great Outdoor Shop and Sublette County Visitor’s center. Please note most of these trails have no markings, and probably no maintenance as the ambitious individual moved away. The 3 best trails in my opinion are Elkchase (Elkhart Park), Tyler Draw (Mesa), and West Fremont Lake (start at dam). Go to for the most complete listing.

Click this SC_Mtn_Bike_Guide link for the trail map.


Tyler Draw

Great Divide Mountain Biking Route 

Pinedale is almost in the middle of the Great Divide Mountain Biking Route which spans from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico and follows the Continental Divide. It is about 2,700 miles and is adventure cycle’s greatest route. The route crosses Union Pass from Dubois between the Gros Ventre and Wind River Mountain ranges to Pinedale which passes through the Green River Lakes area. There is an annual mountain bike race called the Tour Divide  and is the subject of the award winning documentary Ride the Divide which is an enlightening look at the ride and challenges and triumphs of the journey, and definitely worth a watch!


Green River Lakes Road 

Road Biking

Pinedale is seeing more and more road bikers around especially from Pinedale to Cora to the Upper Green area. This is a beautiful ride and doesn’t see the major truck traffic like other routes. Road biking is also slow to catch on, which I mostly suspect is because natural gas boom created a TON of truck traffic, which made for seriously  sketchy riding on the roadways. Pinedale is on a couple major tour routes such as the Tour De Wyoming and Cycle Greater Yellowstone.



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