Fishing Fleet Replaced

GOTCO International announced today via the Sagebrush wireless live from their headquarters based behind Jensen Feed, that the fishing fleet would be retired and replaced by “newer” vehicles. CEO Kate Dahl made the announcement amidst shareholder concern and threats of strike from top level drivers.  Dahl stated ” The vehicles simply could no longer compete in the global market place and it was necessary to bring on a new fleet.” Dahl shared “Rez Runner” and the “old White Subaru” hold a special  place in my heart and bring back the nostalgia of my high schools days growing up in a mountain town”.

Pinedale had been experiencing unseasonably warm weather, when long time driver Tina told Dahl get some “damn air conditioning”. Tina had recently purchased cooling snap towels off Amazon to ease her work day shuttling. The towels were only marginally effective in the hot weather.  Rez Runner went into early retirement last season after tagging an antelope on the way to Eastfork boat ramp. Although the hood was straightened, and radiator replaced, driver perception persisted that Rez could no longer do the job. Rez still had his tally sheet in the visor 1 antelope, 395 chizlers, 21 rabbits, 1 owl, 11 magpies, 1 badger, 4 unknown subjects it is unclear how long it took to acquire these stats, they were written in pencil.

Dahl recently took the Old White Subaru to have part of the muffler reattached and was told by the mechanic it would die any day. Dahl ignored the mechanics advise and shuttle crews hit the blacktop. Approximately 1 week later Old White died unexpectedly at the Town put-in. Old white’s condition is unknown at this point, but the vehicle does have a “DNR” order on file at GOTCO. Dahl said she would give it a week, if Old White was unable to be revived, it would be sold for parts or donated to the High School Homecoming car bash. Both vehicles would receive a boisterous retirement party from the Drivers who planned to drink a beer and celebrate their good fortune. CEO Dahl closed with the following remarks ” Both Subaru’s served GOTCO for many, many years and were a model of the shuttling industries seasonal nature, and frugality. These were strictly fishing shuttle vehicles and simply not appropriate to haul our hiking clientele around in. I would like to say they will be missed, but that’s probably not true.”

Res Runner and the Old White Subaru will be replaced by the New White Subaru and the Black Subaru which was recently acquired on a whirlwind trip to Salt Lake after Old White bit the dust. Both newer Subaru’s will split their time between fishing and hiking shuttles.

It is expected the two 1990’s mini vans affectionately known as the “dust buckets” are next on the chopping block.


Custom Mountain Hats

And yet more rad Wind River Mountain memento’s are available! Myriah Nystrom of MTN ATTIRE airbrushes some beautiful trucker hats with Wind River Peaks, trout patterns, and eclipse scenes for sale for $48/each. You can even custom order! Customs are $60/each. She is at the Pinedale High Altitude Farmer’s Market every Thursday from 4-7pm at Legion Park, or check them out on INSTAGRAM.

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