Andrew Slaton Photography

Did you see our new website photo’s? Gorgeous huh?

GOTCO is super lucky to have a posse full of amazing drivers, with an array of talents. We have drivers that volunteer for Search and Rescue, ex-fishing and raft guides, ex-business owners, an author, an ex-postmaster, ex-military, an ex-mayor the list could and should go on. One constant is the same, people-persons that love the outdoors here. Surely, you saw all the “ex’s” above, and that’s because we love “mature” drivers!

Two of our youngest driver’s Andrew and Ellen Slaton, return summer after summer, from touring the “Country” in their camper, hiking all the National Parks, exploring new places, and living the nomadic lifestyle, recording their journey via photography and blog, and teaching landscape photography and the “art of seeing”. “Namaste”

GOTCO is De-lighted to feature Andrew’s work in the Gallery “Alpen, Awesome…” and the header photo, and other promotional materials. If you love his work as much as I do, head on over to their website and check out some more. Even better, if you want to be a better landscape photographer, check out his classes!






What is a recreational shuttle?

I’m writing about a topic that is near and dear today…


A shuttle is very simple concept, that can be extremely confusing! Oh the logistics! Recreational shuttles are easily understood by the river community. River’s only flow in one direction, so after exiting it is necessary to get a ride back to your vehicle at the start, or deliver your vehicle to the exit. Shuttles are less necessary for other activities, because you can always backtrack or do a loop and end up at the same location. However, shuttles are convenient, allow you to see more, and go longer distances!

On the other hand there are scores of people that have never heard of a shuttle. You mean an airport shuttle? Yes I have heard of that. Uhhh No!¬†Let’s drop some knowledge bombs and get YOU in the KNOW!

Outdoor Enthusiasts need shuttles for a couple key reasons:

  1. Travel in one direction without back tracking; floating, hiking, biking
  2. Travel in one direction for long distances, like hundreds of miles
  3. Save time! Including hours to days placing vehicles at exit points
  4. Traveling with only one vehicle, you need 2 for a shuttle
  5. Traveling without a vehicle
  6. Traveling to isolated areas, where it is hard to hitchhike or call out

Bing defines a shuttle as “a form of transportation that travels regularly between two places” this is commonly understood by the non-recreational lay person as an airport shuttle between the Hilton Garden Inn and Salt Lake City International Airport, or the 5am commuter shuttle from Alpine to Jackson Hole.

I would suggest this definition¬† “a recreational shuttle is a people or vehicle transfer between Point A and Point B or a pick-up at Point B returning to Point A, typically between boat ramps, trailheads, or other recreational locations”.


In my mind there are 4 types of recreational shuttles which I will layout here:


Customer parks at Point A and Hikes to Point B. GOTCO picks-up the customer vehicle and drives it to Point B. This method requires, what I like to refer to as the chase vehicle or pace car in NASCAR terms. The chase car meets the customer vehicle with 2 drivers, 1 to drive the chase car, the 2nd to drive the customer vehicle. After parking the customer vehicle, the chase car returns both drivers to the base of operations. This is the most magical shuttle, because “VIOLA” your vehicle magically appears at the exit trailhead waiting for you!

Pro’s = You get on the trail right-away, you save time, and your vehicle is waiting

Con’s = Car may not be there if you have to turn back, someone else is driving your car

vehicle shuttle


Customer drives vehicle to Point B and parks, GOTCO picks-up the customer, and drives to Point A, customer hikes back to vehicle at Point B.

Pro’s = Your vehicle is waiting for you, no one else is driving your car

Con’s = Time lost driving back to Point A, takes time at the start of the trip

pre shuttle


Customer parks at Point A and Hikes to Point B. GOTCO picks-up the customers and shuttles them back to Point A.

Pro’s = You get on the trail right-away, no one else is driving your car

Con’s = Time lost driving back to Point A, may have difficulty contacting outside world if you are not on time

post shuttle



The Customer flies into a regional airport. GOTCO picks-up the customer and shuttles them to Pinedale, then to Point A. Customer hikes to Point B. GOTCO picks-up the customer and shuttles them to the Airport.

Pro’s = You don’t have worry about driving, directions, or parking!

Con’s = You have to be on time to the exit and exit at the planned location.If not, you may have difficulty contacting outside world if you are late or early, or came out at a different location.

point-point shuttle (1)