Logistics Services

Take the stress level down a couple notches, with some new travel logistics solutions to assist you in trip planning to the Winds.

Secured Parking: $10/car/2-7 day trips

Do you need a place to park your car during your backpacking trip? Do you want the peace of mind of having the vehicle in a locked enclosure with people keeping an eye out for it? Park it at the GOTCO Compound and be ready to roll!


Guards are extra! 

Luggage Storage: $2/day/bag  $10 delivery

Don’t bury your luggage, because you can’t figure out what to do with it! We can store your luggage and bring it to your pick-up or pick it up on the way.


Resupply and Delivery Service: Price varies 

Are you long distance hiking and need a resupply closer to the trail? We can deliver packages to trailheads and lodges with other shuttles. We don’t pack items into the mountains FYI (see recommended outfitters below).

If you are on a tight vacation schedule and need some items like fuel, bear spray, etc. But there simply isn’t time and you need to get on the trail ASAP.  Order items online from our friends at the GREAT OUTDOOR SHOP, we can pick them up and bring the items to your shuttle pick-up.

Spot Packs & Gear Drops

Bald Mountain Outfitters

Ace in the Hole Outfitters

Mule Shoe Outfitters

Llama Rental Emily Burstad *  burstade@gmail.com  * 307-389-0376

Cooler Stocking: $15 plus the cost of ice and locally available beverages

If the high altitude wasn’t cold enough! We can refresh your vehicle cooler with cold ice and your favorite beverage. Available on vehicle shuttles and people pick-ups.



If there is something else we could help out with to make your trip stress free, let us know!