Upper, Upper Green Shuttles

GOTCO is pleased to announce enhanced shuttle service in the Upper, Upper Green from the Forest Boundary north to Green River Lakes. This is such a gorgeous area! Who doesn’t want to fish and float here?? It is lonnggg way from Town and definitely worth a shuttle.


We have some wonderful new drivers based in the area, James and Cathy Summerall!

Contact them directly either the day before or the morning of by 7:30am to set-up a shuttle.



Green River Lakes South

Green River Lakes to Elk Feed Ground/Roaring Fork                    $100

Elk Feed Ground to Cow Camp  (whitewater section Class 2-3)    $100

Cow Camp to Dollar Lake                                                                      $60

Dollar Lake to Buck Fence                                                                    $60

Buck Fence to Forest Boundary                                                           $60

Kendall Bridge to Forest Boundary                                                    $60

Here’s an interactive GOTCO map of boat ramps etc. to help you out!