Upper, Upper Green Shuttles

GOTCO is pleased to announce enhanced shuttle service in the Upper, Upper Green from the Forest Boundary north to Green River Lakes. This is such a gorgeous area! Who doesn’t want to fish and float here?? It is lonnggg way from Town and definitely worth a shuttle.


We have some wonderful new drivers based in the area, James and Cathy Summerall!

Contact them directly either the day before or the morning of by 7:30am to set-up a shuttle.



Green River Lakes South

Green River Lakes to Elk Feed Ground/Roaring Fork                    $100

Elk Feed Ground to Cow Camp  (whitewater section Class 2-3)    $100

Cow Camp to Dollar Lake                                                                      $60

Dollar Lake to Buck Fence                                                                    $60

Buck Fence to Forest Boundary                                                           $60

Kendall Bridge to Forest Boundary                                                    $60

Here’s an interactive GOTCO map of boat ramps etc. to help you out!





Fontanelle – Seedskadee Shuttles

The Seedskadee – Fontanelle area is the Green River below Fontanelle Reservoir. It is located in the high desert about 25 miles from Labarge and about 25 miles from Kemmerer, Wyoming. It flows out of the dam, and has the feel of an oasis, as it is surrounded by sagebrush steppe for miles around. The area has 2 BLM campgrounds, Weeping Rock and Slate Creek. Seedskadee National Wildlife refuge is home to many bird species, desert elk, moose, and wild horses.

River Shuttles are available! You can drop your boat at the put-in, drive to the takeout, Dennis will pick you up and drive you back to the put-in.

Dennis is based out of Labarge,  you can contact him to set-up a date, time, boatramp for pick-up. He does not text.


Below Fontanelle Dam

Dam to Slate Creek                      $40

Weeping Rock to Slate Creek    $40

Weeping Rock/Slate/Dam to Dodge Bottom $50

Dodge Bottom to Hay Bottom    $55

Hay Bottom to Highway 28        $65

Highway 28 to Six Mile               $70

Add $10 for each additional rider after 1

For example 3 people want a ride from Slate to Dam $40 for 1 rider, $50 for 2 riders, $60 for 3 riders. ($60/3 people = $20/each for the shuttle)

Here’s an interactive GOTCO map of boat ramps etc. to help you out!

Above Fontanelle Reservoir

Labarge to Name’s Hill    $20

Fear #2 to Name’s Hill     $35

Fear #2 to Labarge           $25

Fear #1 to Fear #2            $35